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What Ratios To Eat For Weight Loss

Is the food you eat working for you? Over the years in the food/nutrition industry there’s been a real focus on meal ratios, how to eat healthy, lose weight and prepare meals that are super fast, delicious and nutritious, all designed to keep up to pace with our busy lives. But there is no focus whatsoever on understanding your body and how to listen to the way it responds to what you eat.   The ratios of protein to carbohydrate to fat is extremely important to how you respond to food and therefore, how you feel, think, look and behave.
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Alcohol and weight loss

So how much are you actually drinking? Many clients over the years tell me they only drink 1-2 glasses of wine a night and they really don’t drink that much. But lets look at people’s true alcohol consumption. Monday – Thursday dinners at home with your spouse, 1-2 glasses of wine (that’s 4-8 glasses, you’re already considerate a moderate drinker). Friday afternoon drink with colleagues at work, then another 2 drinks at home with the better half (that’s 7-11 drinks, pushing to heavy drinker). Saturday night it’s dinner out with friends, you have a spirit on arrival and you share a
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