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elements of your wellbeing and health

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sweet7 empowers you achieve your health goals by working with the 7 core foundations of health. These seven (7) elements work in a delicate balance with each other and all need our attention.

How you manage them in your life plays a big part in the stress you place on your body. Get the balance right and your physical condition and how good and pain-free you feel will be, well, sweet.

As the saying goes ‘you can’t hire someone to do your push ups for you’ but if you’re willing, together we will develop a sweet7 programme that will guide you safely and effectively to a balance that’s right for you and your life.

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Our sweet7 community come from all walks of life; they’re professionals, athletes, weekend athletes, parents, retirees and school children. Some are injured and some need pre or post-operative care. The one thing all our clients have in common is that their body isn’t what it used to be. They feel the niggly aches and pains that prevent them from living their lives, they’re often tired and they’re sick of it!

Our clients are looking for guidance and help to manage the toll of that everyday life takes on their wellbeing. They often feel like they’ve lost who they are and want to find themselves again by breaking the habits that constantly stand in their way.

about the 7 foundations

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Water intake is important for hydrating, cleansing and facilitating many of our bodily chemical reactions. Ideally we should be drinking approx. 33mL per kg of bodyweight. So if you are 75kg you would aim to drink 75 x 0.033 = 2.4L of water every day.

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You are what you eat – literally. The millions of cells you ‘turn over’ every day are replaced by the nutrients you eat. Everybody’s internal nutritional needs are unique. Balance is critical for energy levels and the biochemistry that influences emotional and mental states.

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Regular movement provides mobility for joints and muscles, as well as motility to the internal organs that deal with digestion, circulation and detoxification. An appropriate level of exercise needs to be properly calibrated according to how stressed your system already is. Too much too soon could make things worse.

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It’s involuntary. Yet how you breathe and the conditions you breathe in are conscious decisions. You breathe 20,000 times a day and less than optimal breathing patterns can have a profound effect on digestion, organ health, posture and sympathetic nervous systems. Breathing properly, in a fresh environment and using your lungs fully, helps diffuse life’s stresses and brings significant benefit to your overall health.

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You think, therefore you are. The positive and negative thoughts that you choose to have impact every aspect of your life, health and wellbeing, your interactions with others, your emotional state, your life path, and your ability to succeed in your goals. As Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

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Every living being sleeps. Sleep is key to how well we manage the hours that we are awake. Many of us choose to ‘get by’ on 5 or 6 hours sleep a night when our bodies are designed to have 8 hours. When we sleep, our bodies repair, tissues recover and our mind and brain can rest and restore. There is a lot that needs to happen when we sleep so when we are constantly short changing ourselves it means we are building stress and toxicity levels which impact us throughout the day.

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No-one is an island. We need people, not just for company, but for support and encouragement. The exercise bike at home that never gets used is a classic example of how, left to our devices, we struggle to establish good habits. Yet when we regularly get together with a group of like-minded souls or coach, great things can happen.

no quick fix

We’ve all tried the short cuts. We resolve to get fit, fix the old injury, lose weight, change our ways and get back to looking and feeling like we used to. But it’s hard. Inspiration ends. Life kicks in, habits return, and we’re back to where we started or worse and that comes with a cocktail of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional stress on our bodies. The 7 foundations of our health get out of balance and sometimes we shut down altogether.

That’s why we started sweet7 to be there for you as your guide, coach, and cheerleader to help you stay on a course of habitual change and rediscovery.