What To Eat For Fat Loss

How do I eat my way towards fat loss? You begin with Nutrition.

Nutrition is really the mother of health. Everyone has surely heard the saying “let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates.
It’s one of the most difficult topics to understand, everyone seems to be so different, what food suits you, might not suit your spouse and might even make your sibling ill!

There has never been such a time in history where there is such interest in food. From diets, sustainability, animal welfare, ancestral eating to eating to prevent cancer, the list just goes on and on…. and on!
It becomes exhausting.

What on earth should we eat?
How much should we eat?
What time should I eat and how many meals a day?
Should I take supplements and what ones?
Is sugar really bad for me?
Does gluten intolerance really exist?
How do I flatten my tummy?

AND What should I eat for fat loss? – This has to be the biggest one we get asked.

The truth is there is a lot of individuality. It really does depend on your genetics, biochemistry and environmental factors (including where you live, your preferences, your budget, your time, your family commitments). However, there are some general rules to follow

A good place to start is ensuring you have some protein, starchy carbs, non-starchy carbs and fats with every meal. Yes you heard me, EVERY meal and snack.

How much should I eat though?
Try consuming an even ratio to begin with, do this for a few weeks and let your body adjust. Starting from an easier ratio and then tweaking it is easier to determine if that tweak actually worked for you or not. Remember, you need to eat your way to fat loss.

Check out the image below for a visual on the ratios.

how much should I eat for fat loss?

Females try eating:
1 palm size of protein (this is equivalent of 2 eggs by the way)
1 fist of non-starchy veges (greens)
1 cupped handful of starchy carbs (potato, rice, kumara, bread)
1 thumb/ 1 Tablespoon of fat (avocado, olive oil, butter, coconut oil)

Males try eating 2 of everything, so…
2 palms of protein
2 fists of non-starchy veges
2 cupped handfuls of starchy carbs
2 thumbs/ 1 Tablespoons of fat

If you’re just wanting a snack then go for 0.5 of each food category.
There is a great infographic of this on our facebook page, feel free to check it out https://goo.gl/rNpiU3

Good Luck! Let us know how you get on.