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ELDOA sweet7 is the only studio in NZ with the most experienced certified instructors in ELDOA and Myofascial stretching. We teach classes that are 45mins or 60mins long every week.

The first class is FREE so contact us to register now! You will need to arrive at least 5mins before your first class to fill in a short form and discuss any specific needs with the instructor.

Please wear comfortable exercise gear, bring a sweat towel and drink bottle, we have filtered water in the studio.


Our casual class price is $30 or you can purchase a 10 class concession card for $250. 

Class Descriptions

General ELDOA – classes are 60mins and consist of ELDOA exercises for each level of the spine. We usually start at the base of the spine and work our way up. Each ELDOA is held for 60 seconds and is hard work. You will experience your back muscles and ligaments having to hold each position and will learn to feel the space you’re creating in your body at the specific level we are working at.

MFS & ELDOA are a combination 60min classes that focus on a specific area, 1x hips, 1x upper body and 1x lower body. The classes can vary from week to week as they will be tailored to the participants needs. The classes all end with specific ELDOA exercises that help support the region of the body.

General Strength & Targeted Strength – These classes are 45mins and the exercises target specific muscles and work to reinforce your awareness of how to activate these muscles and make them strong. The exercises use your own bodyweight and are low impact. The General Strength class gives you a full body work out. Our targeted strength classes focus on either the core or legs and exercises are tailored to the individuals in the class so all fitness levels can attend. These classes are a great workout for your whole body!.