Suzi Nevell

Suzi Nevell

owner/head physiotherapist

ELDOA  /  Myofascial Stretching
CHEK Level 4 Practitioner  /  HLC 3

Suzi’s 27-year professional career as a physiotherapist describes not only her extraordinary qualifications and experience, but also the founding philosophy behind Sweet7’s unique practice. After some years touring the world with a variety of high performance athletes and sports teams, and becoming New Zealand’s Women’s Trampoline Champion, Suzi moved to the United States.

While there, she was invited by Paul Chek to join the CHEK Institute’s senior teaching staff in San Diego. Over the course of the next 16 years, she absorbed Paul’s teachings on blending physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual coaching into a coaching model for health.

The fundamentals go far beyond the physical and look at the impact of food, lifestyle and exercise on pain, injury, general health and vitality and, in short, how to stay younger and live longer. It’s a broader approach to assessing injuries, since it looks at the person and their lifestyle; and it views the body as a series of interdependent working systems where the health of one system directly impacts the health of another.

Today, Suzi brings all her experience, professional expertise and philosophies on life, health and wellbeing, for the benefit of Sweet7’s clients.


Nicola O’Neale


BHSc. Physiotherapy
Advanced Dip. Sports ( Exercise Prescription)

Nicola graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.  Prior to this she completed an Advanced Diploma in Sport and Exercise specialising in Exercise Prescription with Merit.

She has a genuine interest in movement, injury prevention and rehabilitation which was kick started by her own injury and health journey dealing with autoimmune diseases while being a member of the first New Zealand women’s road cycling registered BikeNZ Trade Team.  Juggling a high training load and health issues led Nicola to explore a full body holistic approach to her health and injuries.

These experiences, together with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from working with a broad range of health practitioners on her own health flow through into her principles as a physiotherapist now.  Education and promoting self-management whilst keeping clients doing what they love are a big focus for her.

Since 2015 she has been Head Physio with Kumeu Rugby and taken care of a number of individual athletes.  She was also responsible for mentoring physio students.  Since graduating Nicola has further developed her skills and expertise in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise prescription, chronic pain clients, as well as pre and post-surgical rehabilitation at a private clinic.

Nicola heads up our Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab Programmes and works alongside Suzi providing holistic physio care to our clients.  She also works closely with Xandros  as clients transition to strength training and movement rehab training.

Practicing what she preaches Nicola loves to be as active as possible and challenge her body to see what it can do.  Her latest challenge being completing her first 70.3 Ironman recently.

Xandros pic (1)

Xandros Kladis

Head Trainer/Instructor

Advanced Trainer Certification in Soma Training
E.L.D.O.A.  3rd year Exercise Coach
Myofascial Stretching (MFS)
Global Postural Stretching (GPS)

Xandros has been involved in health and fitness since 2012 and is an Advanced Certified Trainer in SomaTraining, ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching (MFS) and Global Postural Stretching (GPS).    He has had a strong personal interest in fitness and athletic performance for over a decade and through seeking a way of recovering from and managing his own injuries, he discovered the methodologies developed by Dr. Guy VOYER (D.O.) and the SomaTraining programme.

After observing and personally benefiting from the effectiveness of these techniques for rehabilitation and optimising health and athletic performance, Xandros entered the SomaTraining programme and since gone on to complete a number of certifications and comes fully armed to share this experience with our clients.

He has a deep interest in helping all clients achieve their goals, whether it be, general health and fitness, rehabilitation or improving athletic performance. He has a passion for finding intelligent and meaningful approaches, respecting the complexities of human anatomy and physiology, to attain the best results possible for his clients.

Xandros is a key member of our well-being team working one–on-one with our clients developing programmes based on their specific needs and alongside our physios supporting the transition of clients to movement rehabilitation and strengthening.

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