Suzi Nevell

Suzi Nevell

owner/head physiotherapist

ELDOA  /  Myofascial Stretching
CHEK Level 4 Practitioner  /  HLC 3

Suzi’s 27-year professional career as a physiotherapist describes not only her extraordinary qualifications and experience, but also the founding philosophy behind Sweet7’s unique practice. After some years touring the world with a variety of high performance athletes and sports teams, and becoming New Zealand’s Women’s Trampoline Champion, Suzi moved to the United States.

While there, she was invited by Paul Chek to join the CHEK Institute’s senior teaching staff in San Diego. Over the course of the next 16 years, she absorbed Paul’s teachings on blending physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual coaching into a coaching model for health.

The fundamentals go far beyond the physical and look at the impact of food, lifestyle and exercise on pain, injury, general health and vitality and, in short, how to stay younger and live longer. It’s a broader approach to assessing injuries, since it looks at the person and their lifestyle; and it views the body as a series of interdependent working systems where the health of one system directly impacts the health of another.

Today, Suzi brings all her experience, professional expertise and philosophies on life, health and wellbeing, for the benefit of Sweet7’s clients.

Emma Brake

Emma Brake

owner/head nutritionist

BPhysEd, BSc Human Nutrition
ELDOA  /  CHEK Exercise Coach  / HLC1

Emma has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. She grew up on the North Shore of Auckland and competed in multiple sports; reaching regional teams and winning awards for cricket, netball and waterpolo. Emma studied at the University of Otago, completing a Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Science and Exercise Prescription, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.

It wasn’t until Emma suffered a significant back injury that she realised how important an integrated approach to health and fitness was. It was Suzi that treated Emma’s injury and showed her how important all the principals were!

Emma has since attained many certificates in CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Exercise Coach, ELDOA Level 1&2 and Myofascial Stretching. She has undergone multiple seminars/courses in Endocrinology, specialising in adrenal fatigue, sex hormone dysfunctions, thyroid issues, as well as courses in heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases.

These courses, her clients, and own health/ injury experiences have helped her to understand the integrated nature of health and, in combination with her degrees, have helped her to reach success with many of her clients. Emma’s focus with her nutrition clients is to discover what the underlying health issue is. Combining scientific analysis and simple behaviour change methods Emma’s clients often reach sustainable results.

Shane Mason

Shayne Mason

BHSC (Physiotherapy), Dip. Sp.Ex.Sc
ELDOA  /  CHEK Exercise Coach

Shayne (but everyone calls him Mason/Mase – you can ask him why when you see him around Sweet7) is a graduate Physiotherapist having spent the last 4 years completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at AUT. Alongside this, he has been pursuing his passion for both conditioning and re-conditioning the body, obtaining qualification as a CHEK Exercise Coach and ELDOA Level 1 & 2 certification and working as a gym instructor at a physiotherapy clinic and gym, where he assisted in the rehabilitation of clients.

Prior to moving to Auckland, Mason completed a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science at Weltec in Wellington, where he first began developing an understanding of human health and performance. In his second year, Mason developed skills in postural and movement assessment, as well as the application of exercise prescription. Mason has been driven by his studies, various mentors, a passion for sport, exercise and movement, and his personal experience with injuries and various healthcare modalities (with sub-par results). This set him on his course for Sweet7. Mason wants to provide the most effective improvement for people, regardless of whether it is for sport performance, work performance or for general health and wellbeing.

Mason is a keen surfer who gets out into the surf whenever he can and has a vision for working with surfers to prevent/recover from injury and improve their surfing performance. He has a background in many sports, including rugby, touch rugby, indoor netball, water-skiing and skateboarding. He also has a lot of experience within the gym, including resistance training, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, and sport-specific training.

Mason worked in the trade as a qualified joinery craftsperson prior to beginning his studies in the health and exercise fields.

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