Here at sweet7 we empower you to reach your health goals by working with the 7 natural and scientific principals of wellbeing and physical health. These are: Movement, Nutrition, Hydration, Community, Thoughts, Sleep and Breathing. This is where the name sweet7 comes from.

Remember when you were leaner, stronger, and more physically conditioned?
Maybe now your body is calling for help.

the 7 principals

Fitness Auckland

personal training

private 1 on 1 or 3/4 on 1
Auckland Fitness


alleviate pain balance the body
Gym Auckland

integrative nutrition

treating underlying issues, not symptoms
Sports Physio Auckland

physio & rehab

the whole body not just the bit that hurts

don’t take our word for it

Book your complete posture assessment.

The cost is $200 for 90min assessment